California Wines: Scribner Bend Vineyards Wine Review

Scribner Bend Vineyards, located just 12 minutes south of the Capital on the beautiful Sacramento River, is Sacramento’s Local Winery and Wedding Venue. In 1893, George Washington Scribner, being lured into farming by the rich, deep soils of the Sacramento River Delta, settled along what is now called Scribner Bend. The river bend became a vital shipping point, picking up produce, mail and passengers by steam boat.

The Scribner family has been in California for 5 generations, beginning with George Washington Scribner in 1893. The ranch runs along the Sacramento Delta where our family has farmed for over 100 years, the most recent addition to the Scribner family; the winery, Scribner Bend Vineyards.

My husband and I spent 4 years together in the Sacramento area going to college and were thrilled to sample some wines from our second home.

The first wine is a favorite of mine, the 2010 Pinot Grigio ($12.95).

Aroma: Papaya

Flavor: Juicy fruit, “Tropical Grapefruit”, Pineapple

Food Pairings: Excellent with seafood, oysters and cream sauces

My husband and I enjoyed this and I loved the fruity flavors, really took me to a place I love, the tropics and it’s something I could drink sitting on a beach watching the sunset, or just in my living room dreaming!  I love the crisp ending and the brightness it gives when cold.  My husband commented that he prefers a dryer white, but still would drink a second glass!
My family came over for poker night and tasted the 2008 “Black Hat” Tempranillo ($15.95) which is something for a fun, special occasion for sure. My parents, brother, and husband spoke words such as smoky, spicy, and smooth when tasting the wine and the bottle was empty before we knew it!  My husband enjoyed it thoroughly and used the terms “slight tobacco flavor” and having enjoyed a dip or two in his lifetime, this was something he’d definitely enjoy drinking again and having a cigar with!  We’re heading to the area early next month, we may need to make a stop at the winery and purchase some more.  Plus we found that they are serving it in our college town of Davis, CA at Paesano’s!
Aroma: Clove, allspice, plum & cinnamon

Food Pairings: BBQ meats, duck, venison, or Mexican fajitas

Taste: Cranberry/plum, spice, with a lingering spicy finish

Wine was sent for our honest review, all opinions are our own.