5 Minute Spring Hairstyles for Girls #SoCozyAtTarget #TargetStyle #IC Ad

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Just over a month ago we tried SoCozy hair care formulas for kids from Target for the first time.  Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve given our youngest daughter some more freedom to take care of her daily hair needswith a few of their great products.  The results are in on just how well it’s going.SoCozy Smart Hair Products for Children Available at TargetImmediately we fell in love with the delicious scents of the products in “mango-go” and “fruity-tutti.”  Pouring it into those little hands makes her squeal with delight, “it smells SOOO good!”  But, sometimes gets the best of my daughter and we find using too much of the 3-in-1 shampoo + conditioner + wash is tougher to rinse out, thus leaving the hair on her scalp a little heavy.  We’re working on it though, spending some more time on getting all the shampoo out of her hair and it gets better each shower.

SoCozy DetanglerThe SoCozy Detangler is our best friend and works magic on my youngest daughter’s long hair!  I love the confidence this product has brought to our morning routine.  Learning from her big sister, our 9-year old is now getting up early each school day, showering, and styling her own hair and ready for the day independently!  There are no more tears when mom is brushing through the tangles and mornings are off to a great start like they should be.  I have to admit I’ve used it a few times too and have been complimented on the scent!

My two nearest Target stores don’t carry the SoCozy Behave products yet, but I’m still on the hunt and can ultimately order online.  I think even my older kids would get the most out of trying and using the styling products!

Now that Spring is in full bloom and summer is right around the corner, we are always looking for  tips on styling hair especially to keep it up and off her back when it gets hot! Cozy Friedman, creator of the SoCozy hair products, is shown here offering quick and easy 5 Minute Spring hairstyles for girls.  I honestly think my nine-year old could even accomplish these without my help.

One more tutorial on a how-to for a gorgeous ballerina bun.  My girls are both in dance recitals next month and my dancers are going to look beautiful with this style, take a look!

SoCozy has a mission to be “So Smart, So Safe, So Easy, and So Cool” for kids and it’s really true.

  • So Smart: SoCozy serves as an extensive resource for moms, kids, stylists, and salon owners.
  • So Safe: SoCozy products are safe and effective – and completely non-toxic.  Love that as a body wash, the 3-in-1 doesn’t affect or irritate my daughter’s sensitive skin (she has eczema).
  • So Easy: Simple, fun multi-functional SoCozy products streamline tub time, as well as solutions targeting specific hair concerns.
  • So Cool: SoCozy makes it a mission to build confidence and inspire originality for any kid.  Gives kids independence and confidence to take care of their daily hair needs,  especially if they want to keep it long like my daughter!

For more information on SoCozy visit them online and social media!

SoCozy Twitter: https://twitter.com/socozy_
SoCozy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/socozyforkids
SoCozy Instagram: https://instagram.com/socozy/

Avid4 Adventure: How to Get Your Kid to Love the Outdoors Again @avid4adventure

Avid4 Adventure

Are your elementary and pre-teen kids addicted to smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles? Avid4 Adventure wants to help, bringing its authentic outdoor adventure camps to Palo Alto, Saratoga, Mill Valley & Oakland this summer.

Serving school age kids from pre-K to seventh grade, Avid4 Adventure campers climb, paddle, bike, hike and enjoy the thrill of pushing their limits in nature. Founder Dave Secunda calls it an empowering experience meant to inspire a lifetime of outdoor participation.

Avid4 Adventure

“Our highly skilled and educated staff, our unique adventure activities such as rock climbing, kayaking and mountain biking, and our focus on outdoor confidence building for young kids is what sets us apart,” says Secunda, also former president of the Outdoor Industry Association and recipient of the Jim Rennee Outdoor Industry Leadership Award.

Avid4 Adventure is American Camp Association accredited, boasts experienced staff who are all at least 21 years of age and certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR, and camps that are designed to build upon one another. Campers take skills earned one year and then add to them the next, creating a virtuous cycle that teaches not only outdoor skills but also good communication and self-awareness.

Avid4 Adventure

Camp partners include outdoor industry leaders such as Black Diamond, Specialized Bikes, Clif Kid, Leave No Trace, and many more. Avid4 Adventure is also partnering with Outside Magazine for the Outside Kids Scholarship program, providing in-need kids more than $25,000 in financial assistance for attending outdoor adventure day and overnight camps. Day camps are in Mill Valley, Palo Alto, Saratoga, and Oakland. Overnight camps are nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Learn more and sign up at www.avid4.com – call 800-977-9873 or email info@avid4.com

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SoCozy Smart Hair Products for Children Available at Target #SoCozyAtTarget #TargetStyle #IC Ad

SoCozy Smart Hair Products for Children Available at TargetI participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and thank me for my participation.

My youngest daughter insists on having long hair.  Her plan is to grow it long enough to cut it shoulder-length and donate at least 10 inches to a kid’s charity.  I love that she has a big heart and a plan.  The only challenge is that she is 9 years old, and she struggles to keep her hair maintained.  If you have ever had a 9 year old with long hair, you’ll understand that rinsing shampoo out, combing hair, and dealing with tangles are daily issues.  Often there are tears or protesting pleas to just let her hair be.  Enter SoCozy hair products, salon quality hair products for children created by Cozy Friedman. An added bonus, the products are sold at our favorite (and one of only a few) local stores, Target!

SoCozy Smart Hair Products for Children Available at TargetI found the colorfully labeled bottles of SoCozy just where I expected in the haircare section of Target and immediately my daughter said, “ooh those are cute!”  I found 3 products, the 3 in 1 shampoo-conditioner-body wash, the detangler, and the Boo! lice prevention spray.  Reading the labels I found out that the products:

  • are completely non-toxic
  • do not contain parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, or propylene glycol
  • are gluten, wheat, and nut free

I was really impressed as my daughter has eczema and has very sensitive skin, I bought the detangler and the 3 in 1 on the spot!  Though I didn’t need the lice spray at the moment, I love that it’s available because with 3 girls in the house all with hair down to our mid-backs, we will need all the help we can get if we’re ever cursed with lice!

SoCozy Smart Hair Products for Children Available at TargetOn our recent vacation, we tried out SoCozy for the first time.  After an evening swim and sleeping in an unbrushed bun we knew it was going to be hard to comb through my youngest’s hair the next morning.  We handed her the detangler and had her spray it all over her still damp hair.  Did I mention that the products smell out of this world good?!  The detangler is fruity-tutti scented and with big happy eyes, my daughter brushed through her hair.SoCozy Smart Hair Products for Children Available at TargetBelieve it or not, there was no tears, no complaining, and she was left with smooth hair for her next ‘do!  The spray bottle is just the right size for small hands and it gives just the right amount of spray each time!  Hooray for smart, simple solutions targeting specific hair concerns!  I love that SoCozy makes it a mission to build confidence and inspire originality for all kids.  When I ask my daughter to brush her hair in the morning, she’s now practically begging to use the detangler!

CONTEST  Right now SoCozy is running a contest now through 4/30.  Simply sign up with your email, Facebook, or Twitter and earn points that lead to more entries into the contest.  Prizes include Target giftcards! https://socozy.com/socozystylers/

SoCozy Smart Hair Products for Children Available at TargetOur next challenge is working with the 3 in 1 shampoo-conditioner-body wash and see how it does after a month of usage, you’ll have to stay tuned for my post update!

For more information on SoCozy smart hair products for children available at Target visit the website or follow on social media:

SoCozy Website: https://socozy.com/
SoCozy Twitter: https://twitter.com/socozy_
SoCozy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/socozyforkids
SoCozy Instagram: https://instagram.com/socozy/

4 Reasons You Should Check out Republic Wireless

4 Reasons You Should Check out Republic WirelessMy husband and I have heard my teenage son’s pleas for a cell phone for a few years.  Electronics are huge in our family between televisions, computers, tablets, music players, and cell phones and my son paints a clear picture of his needs.  He is out of school the latest in the day, he has after-school sports that often run well into the evenings, and he’s proven to be very responsible as well as successful in school.  All those things are valid points for getting a phone plan for him, but the real question is what kind of mobile plan would be most cost efficient?

I was recently introduced to Republic Wireless, a company raising the bar in the mobile industry.  We’ve all tried no-contract plans in the past, but never with a smartphone option. Republic Wireless is saving customers hundreds, even thousands of dollars over traditional mobile carriers.  My oldest daughter, husband, and I are all on a Verizon plan that costs us well into the mid-$60 range per month, per phone.  We’ve been on it a while, we have the most updated devices, yet don’t have unlimited access to data or texting.  Republic Wireless offers no-contract smartphones that use the combined power of Wi-Fi and cellular at prices that your pocketbook will like with the unlimited talk, text, and  data that you crave!

Here are the 4  main reasons that we are loving the Republic Wireless plan for our 13-year old son.

1.  Phone–Though the options for phones in the Republic Wireless plan are few as in two (!), the phone we are testing is the Moto X from Motorola.  At a $299 price point, it’s the cheapest no-contract phone on the market today.  With 16GB on an Android 4.2.2 operating system, there’s definitely a learning curve to the system after growing up on Apple products.  Luckily my teen can navigate the phone and processes like he wrote their programs and has adjusted the settings to work for him.4 Reasons You Should Check out Republic Wireless

Having Google Chrome on his computer, my son is familiar with the browser on the phone and has adapted to using Google Play for finding the apps and games that he’s enjoyed in the past on his tablet.  Items like Instagram, Snap Chat, Minecraft, and Pandora are available  as on his Apple products so he has the option to add them and have the music options he so loves (purchases can be made by Google Play Cards).4 Reasons You Should Check out Republic Wireless

The phone is slim, comes in black and white, fits in his pocket and in his hands nicely and the 10MP clear pixel camera is something even I’m envying!  Unlike other non-smartphones, no-contract phones we’ve had in the past the Moto X  accessories are available to protect and charge the phone.

2.  Value–Picking your plan couldn’t be easier or cheaper.  I was shocked by the prices on the plan, especially the one that is most comparable to what I have!  4 great money saving plans to choose from and also you have the ability to change up to two times per billing period to meet your needs!  4 Reasons You Should Check out Republic WirelessIf you or your child for instance will only be using Wi-Fi for a majority of the month (perhaps during summer vacation) you can pay as low as $5/month.  But, then say you’ll be on vacation for a week, change the plan to gain more cellular data right from your phone.  Your service will be prorated from the day your make the switch up to your bill cycle date.  If upgrading you’ll be charged the difference, if downgrading, you’ll get a credit towards the next month’s bill. 

$40 per month for unlimited talk, text and data + 4G isn’t even an option for me on my Verizon plan, my son has something very unique and special!

3.  Reliability–It took about 24 hours to activate, but as soon as everything worked out my son was surfing the next, calling his friends, and texting us for a ride from his friend’s house!  Republic Wireless works with the Sprint network and his 4G LTE has been flawless in town.  While out of town, there were some spots where the signal would drop down to 3G, but it hasn’t been much of an issue for him.  To check your area’s Sprint coverage, visit, https://republicwireless.com/tools/coverage-check.

4. Community–Inevitably there are questions, concerns, and troubleshooting with any phone and phone service.  Republic Wireless offers a very thorough community page and knowledge center to help you through any issues that arise.  Through my PR contact and the community my son, husband, and I have navigated the Android/Moto X world that is still very new to all of us and have learned so much.

I feel this community rivals going into the Verizon store and working through an issue.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply open up a case by signing in and asking away.  It may take up to 24 hours but all of our problems have been solved so far!

Sure there may be parts of the plan that may have you skeptical.  If you choose to cancel your service down the line, you can sell the device but it can only be reactivated by a Republic Wireless service.  Current Moto X owners cannot transfer service to Republic Wireless, and at this point the Moto X is only available in 2 colors and in 16GB options.  For us, this is okay at the moment.  My son is enjoying the phone’s games and apps, can and has called us afterschool with updates and changes to his schedule, and we as parents are happy with the pricing on keeping him connected.

Republic Wireless is letting my son talk, text, and surf as much as he wants without the hidden contracts, hidden fees, MB’s, GB’s, and fine print that can jack up bill prices and we are happy with that!

To learn even more, visit https://republicwireless.com/ and see if this is the plan for you…or your teenager!

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Phone and service was received for honest review. All opinions are own.

Review: Go See This Weekend’s Most Wanted Movie, Muppets Most Wanted!

muppetsWhen I was a kid I dearly loved the Muppets.  First there was the Muppet show, which we religiously watched every single week.  Even when we lived in Germany in the 80’s and had only three channels, we were able to get the Muppet Show, and we never missed one.  As I got older the Muppet movies became favorites — especially “The Great Muppet Caper,” which to this day I can practically recite.
Given the opportunity to go and see the newest Disney Muppets movie, “Muppets Most Wanted,” I jumped at the chance.  My son Charlie and I attended a preview and what a great time we had!  From beginning to end, “Muppets Most Wanted” is a comedy with humor for everyone, big and little.  For us bigs, there can never be enough cameo’s by well known entertainers who pop up for minutes or mere seconds.  Half the time the littles don’t even realize what they’re missing, but that’s just fine because they’re too busy loving the Muppets and their antics.  (Which by the way, so was I!)
muppets2Right from the start this movie held our attention.  We see our favorite Muppets pick up where they left off in the last movie, when suddenly they’re approached by an agent who wants to help them get to the top.  Enter Ricky Gervais, aka Dominic Badguy — that’s pronounced “bad-gee” of course.  “It means really good guy.”  Ha!  Shortly after you’re introduced to the worlds most evil frog, Constantine, who mysteriously looks a great deal like our own Kermit the Frog.  Coincidence??
Naturally there’s a lot of craziness and mix-ups to follow once the two frogs are switched, making “Kermit” suddenly sound Russian and “Constantine” help the gulag prison put on a variety show.  Hijinks and hilarity ensue as we follow each storyline play out and reach a perfect climactic ending.
muppets3Some highlights for me included the power play between Ty Burrell’s Interpol character and Sam the Eagle’s CIA agent.  Sam’s deadpan look and voice crack me up every time.  Another favorite moment was when Constantine the evil frog said, “It’s not easy being mean.”  Ha!  Another laugh came from realizing that the Muppets took their train from New York to…Berlin.  Um, I don’t know about you, but how does a train cross the ocean?  Oh never mind — it’s the Muppets!  Lastly, in the few shots through the movie where they performed their show, I was feeling so happy and nostalgic to see them perform their opening act and hear, “It’s time start the music, it’s time to light the lights!”  Ah, pure joy.
I don’t want to give much away because I want you to go out and see it for yourself and feel like a kid again doing so.  After the movie ended, I asked Charlie (my 12 year old) if he felt like the movie was better for me as a long time Muppets fan, or if it was just as good for him even if there’s little history for him.  He mulled it over and decided that the best way to explain it was that it was both!  He might not have appreciated all the cameo’s that I did, but he certainly enjoyed the humor and the acting and the story.  That sounds like a good balance to me.
muppets4And does life get any better than seeing Sweetums dance with Christoph Waltz?  I really don’t think so.

Merrie is a writer for the The Mom Reviews and you can also find her at her blog, Sleepless Mornings: Merrie is the mother of two beautiful children, newly engaged–planning a June wedding, a scrapbooker, a baker, and always fun to be around!

Screening was offered to facilitate review, all opinions my own.