The Sharper Image Literati e-Reader

Something we all like to do as a family is read.  From when the kids were young, we always read to them aloud before bed, for fun, and always led by example reading our own books, newspapers, magazines, and such.  Of all of our kids, my oldest daughter, now 12 has become the bookworm of the family.  She carries a book with her at all times.  Like my husband, there’s always one in the car when waiting for dance lessons to be over, baseball and soccer practice to end, and to have on long car trips.  What we can’t do is head to the bookstores every week to purchase books since she goes through them so quickly!  Our public library is lacking, so that isn’t much of an option either.

We’ve had some experience with e-Readers in the past and this was something on my daughter’s Christmas list this year.  When we had the opportunity to review The Sharper Image‘s version of the e-Reader, The Literati, I knew exactly who’d benefit most from this smart gadget!

Some of the unique features include:

7″ Color Display
Unlock new reading possibilities in color, including cookbooks, children’s books, magazines and newspapers.(periodicals coming soon!)

Slim Profile
At just a ½” thick, the Literati is ultra-portable and ideal for everyday use

Built-In Wireless Bookstore
Turn it on, buy a book, and enjoy. With one-touch purchase, you’re reading in seconds.The Kobo bookstore offers access to over 2 million titles, including new releases and New York Times bestsellers. Browse the store and buy with confidence knowing that Kobo’s bookstore includes partners such as Borders. Purchasing a book is done in approximately a minute. Users connect to the bookstore via WiFi. Once connected, users can browse, purchase and download books.

150 Free Books
The Literati comes preloaded with 25 treasured classics and provides easy access to another 125 of our favorite free classics. Re-live these famous works of literature again for free!

The Literati always bookmarks the page you last read. When users open the book again, they will return to the same place where they left off reading. This is just one more way the Literati makes reading easier.

Stylish Case Included
The included case keeps your Literati protected , a $30 value!

An SD card slot allows users to add storage-up to 8GB (SD card sold separately)

Users also can change the typeface and font size to their liking (the simplest way to do this is through the Display button).

The screen can be dimmed or brightened to the user’s preference though the display menu while reading a book. Also, the screen can be inverted (to night mode) or softened (to sepia mode) through the display menu.

Our Take: Set up was incredibly easy once we downloaded the user’s manual online.  There’s a quickstart guide included in the packaging.  While charging, my daughter could manuever around the Literati with ease learning all the components.  We found that the free books contain many of the classics that my husband also enjoys and the store contains a large collection of books for my tween to enjoy.  She immediately went searching for a series she wanted to read called “The Clique” by Lisi Harrison and was excited that all the books in the series were available!  PDF and EPub versions of e-books can be uploaded to the Literati as my husband discovered which can be found around the internet besides the KOBO store.

The right and left arrows on either side of the Literati are page turners and are very sensitive.  My daughter learned that if you hold your hands on them, the pages skip quickly so it’s something to watch out for.  Also we have a wireless network at home.  Having registered in the KOBO store online, I can purchase a book securely on the site and within 1-2 minutes the Literati shows the book on her bookshelf wirelessly!  This is the easiest way so far we’ve found to use both the wi-fi connection and purchasing.

Night mode is very cool where the text becomes white with a black background (accessible through the display in the menu when ON a page in the book)!  This worked great for us last night in the car, we don’t have a bright screen emanating from the back seat and it’s easier on the reader’s eyes as well! So far we’ve had a great experience with the Literati and are happy with it’s features!

Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond offer great deals on the Literati Reader, making it easy to pick them up while you are checking off the other items on your holiday shopping list.

We received product for review.  Opinions are our 100% honest tried-and-true experience.

Holiday Gift Guide: Adults-Only,

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeWhether you’re looking for something for yourself, for you and your partner, or for a gift for someone special, you need to check out invites you to learn from others, share your experiences and re-discover sex. They offer online shopping you can trust, a welcoming community and a wealth of inspiring resources.

EdenFantasys acknowledges the widely divergent needs of the people they serve. Whether you’re looking for your first toy or your twentieth, something vanilla or adventurous, a product large or small, they’ve got choices for you.  Not to mention, plenty of lingerie, candles and other sensual items to keep your evenings warm and bright this holiday season!

Moreover, there is a wonderful magazine and community you can get involved with that offers smart, healthy, topics regarding love, sex, and relationships!

SexIs Magazine – a provocative sex magazine. Sex Is what you want it to be

Eden Cafe – tying together the blogging and reviewing community with articles, contests, polls, news and reviews. Multi topic, multi author. For the community, by the community

Holiday Gift Guide: Leatherman Juice CS4 Multipurpose Tool

My husband’s pockets are full on a daily basis. If you ask him to empty his pockets you’ll find his cell phone, about 3 pens, keys, tape measure, coins, screws, and often a tool of some sort.  He was never a boy scout, but he is definitely always prepared.  Something he and my son share in common is the love for tools.  When I saw the Leatherman Juice CS4 multipurpose tool at I knew this would be the perfect gift for my boys to share and one any man in your life would appreciate!

Leatherman Juice CS4 Tools:

  • 420HC Clip Point Knife
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hard-wire Cutters
  • Extra-small Screwdriver
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Med/Lg Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Saw
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Awl
  • Corkscrew with Assist

Leatherman Juice CS4 Features:

  • Stainless Steel with Anodized Aluminum Handle Scales
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Outside-accessible Tool and Knives
  • Fixed Lanyard Ring
  • Leatherman 25-year Warranty

Our take:  Fitting perfectly in my husband’s pants pocket, it has come in handy more times than we can count in the last few weeks!!  At a party, we opened a bottle of wine in an instant.  Last night when I needed our stockings hung, instead of going into the freezing garage, my husband pulled out his pliers on the Leatherman and bent the nail as we needed!  It’s literally a toolbox in your pocket! My daughter had a tag to remove on a gift on the way to a party, the scissors were right there.  The possibilities are endless and this tool gives and gives all year round!  My husband was also immediately familiar with the Leatherman brand, knowing it’s history of quality tools, and was completely impressed by the Juice CS4!

The Leatherman Juice CS4 sells at for $64.95 and would make a fabulous gift for that gadget guru on your list!

Coupon Code:  Make a purchase from and get 10% off through 12/31/10.  Use code:THEMOMREVIEWS.

We were sent product for review, all opinions are our 100% tried and true experience.

Holiday Gift Guide: Carhartt Men’s Clothing

My husband is an engineer and land surveyor and his attire for work does not include suits and ties.  He wears jeans, tees, and flannel, all heavy duty for his work out in the field.  When we shop for him, we look for great deals but also clothes that will last and give him the support he needs.  We started seeing the Carhartt brand as some of sponsors of shows we watch on the History Channel and I looked into their website.

For 120 years, Carhartt has manufactured premium workwear known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction, and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance.  Expanding the line from the traditional outerwear pieces, Carhartt now offers a complete product line for warm and cold weather alike that includes jeans and work pants, shirts, sweats, shorts, tee’s and accessories. A variety of features such as premium fabrics, rugged construction, and comfortable fit are just some of the hallmarks of Carhartt workwear that fit our customer’s needs in the toughest conditions.

We were able to try out some of their clothing that are perfect for my husband to wear daily at work and even on a night out with me, and that were durable!  First we tried out the 1889 Relaxed Fit Jeans.  They fit great on my husband, the relaxed fit gives him room to move around, they’re not too tight and they are made with flexible yet strong stitch! As a one-income family, the jeans are more money than what we normally spend on a pair of jeans ($50) but well worth the price as the integrity of the pants have held up so well and we can see them lasting a long time.

For a different look than denim jean, we found the Canvas Khaki Relaxed Fit Pants.  Another fabulous fit, the pants look so nice on, my husband has hiked in the hills in these pants, and he’s gone to business meetings in them as well.  The price point on this pair is $40, again well worth the money.  Both sets of pants fit true to waist size and length and really hold up after repeat washing and the material was soft and not stiff or rough to the touch.  Also my husband carries around everything with him, so putting his wallet, cell phone, keys, pens, measuring tape, and pocket knife in the pockets of both pants was easy to do without being uncomfortable when sitting, driving, or hiking.

In California, we’ve had a mild fall so far, but on the cooler mornings and evenings, the Men’s Duck Active Jac/Quilted-Flannel Lined. For $85 you have a great heavy duty jacket, lined with flannel, arms in nylon, and have an outer look of style.  The outside of the jacket is a bit stiff but still flexible, you know its made very well with even my husband commenting on the great strong zipper.  The jacket fits well, with plenty of room for a shirt and sweatshirt beneath in cold weather.  

If you are looking for sturdy, quality clothing for that working man in your life, check out Carhartt, I guaranteed you’ll be impressed!

We were sent product to facilitate this review.  Opinions are our 100% tried-and-true experience.

Holiday Gift Guide: iGo Charge Anywhere–Discount Code

Lately I’ve said, “my phone’s dead,” or “I need to charge my iPod Touch” over and over.  I have the ability to charge them, it’s remembering that has me thrown for a loop.  Sometimes you just need to get up and go and be connected, to have power! Moms need it, dads do and even kids need it too,  for their electronics at least. I don’t have to stress about dead gadgets again with the iGo Charge Anywhere.  This necessity for the holidays can be best described as an “power outlet in your pocket,” a particularly useful gift for anyone whose always on the go, those traveling for the holidays or love the outdoors and camping, but still need to be connected..

Re-charging a cell phone, camera, iPod, etc. when you are away from a wall outlet has never been easier. The iGo Charge Anywhere is a small, sleek and powerful charger charges your devices from your purse plus simultaneously charges two devices even when you are away from a wall outlet. With a huge variety of interchangeable tips, iGo allows you to charge almost all your portable devices from one charger.

The iGo Charge Anywhere also doubles as a wall charger to replenish its integrated internal battery.  This way you can charge all of your devices with one single charger, freeing up precious luggage space.  And, with it’s retractable plug prongs you can literally put it in your pocket or slide it in a small purse. Bonus: iGo Green Technology automatically reduces standby power by up to 85%, conserving resources and saving money!

*Works as a wall charger to charge almost any device while simultaneously charging its integrated battery for device charging away from a wall outlet
*Two USB outputs for simultaneous device charging
* Includes iGo USB charging cable for even lighter travel
*Small and lightweight – fits in your pocket
*Works with multiple devices, including mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones/PDAs, MP3 players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, GPS devices and more
*No need to buy a new charger when upgrading your devices; compatible with the latest models

My Take:  I love this!  Plug in the Charge Anywhere and in 4 hours (when the red light goes out) the charger is ready to take on the road and keep you fully powered.  The charger is thin and is actually smaller than my iTouch, so there’s plenty of room to stow away in my purse!  I’m heading on a 4 hour plane ride next week and I’m so glad I have this to keep my iPod Touch and phone all ready to go.  Just having purchased a new phone, I have a connector that fits specific to my new model as well as my iPod, both can be charged at the same time in my purse!  I look forward to getting an additional plug for my kid’s Nintendo devices so we have no more tears in the car! The price is $49.99 and it’s completely worth it!  Power tips for mobile accessories can be found starting at $7.49.

Discount Code
Purchase online by using the coupon code IGO BLOGGER at checkout and get 20% off your order!!
We received product for posting this giveaway. The opinions are our 100% tried, true, and honest opinion!