Domino Build Game by MEGA Bloks

With all the individual hand-held electronics nowadays, we tend to get away from playing family board games and using more than just our thumbs.  MEGA Brands introduces the Mega Bloks Domino Build Game for ages 3-6, a  brightly colored game that helps kids learn all about colors, numbers, matching and motor skills.

Children perceive shapes and colors through observation, touch and taking objects into their hands.  This game offers a variety of illustrated animals as well as manipulating actual Mega Bloks to achieve a goal.

My 5-year-old loves all sorts of games and is always looking for a partner to play at her level.  The combination of the classic dominoes and building can bring the whole family together in this game.  The game is simple to teach, my 10 year old read the directions to my daughter.  The game comes with sturdy hard cardboard pieces that will last, the artwork is adorable and fun, and the Mega Bloks are sturdy and also decorated with the same great pictures.

Per the directions, the game goes by really quickly, your goal is to match the dominoes and gain a piece of your Blok animal to create a full one.  There is 4 pieces to the animal, so once that is completed the game is over.  Needless to say we played about 5 games in about 20 minutes, so it can be repeated just by shuffling the domino cards and switching Blok animals.

This game is perfect for young kids on playdates, in a preschool classroom, and can be modified for the older kids for a little longer play.  2 players can play to build two animals each, or as my kids did, you can build your animal, then turn the pieces to make an animal disappear with each winning placement.  My 5-year old enjoyed the game, we’ve played quite a few times, but do find more options to extend the length of one game.

The game retails for $10.99, and can be purchase at
We were sent product from Team Mom for honest review.