Safeway Rewards Gas Points at Chevron

Are you earning points off of your gas purchases by using your Safeway Rewards card? If your not, I suggest you start today!

safewayI have been a long time Safeway customer and have used their Rewards program since it started. I love seeing a minimum of 20% savings off my grocery bill each time I go to the store. To tell the truth, I play a game with myself to try and hit 25-30% savings each time. With a family of 6 that can add up! My biggest savings so far was when I purchased tri-tip for a fundraiser and saved over $1000 at 47% savings – Thanks Safeway!!!!

Recently I was asked to try out using my Safeway Rewards points at Chevron when purchasing my gas. We do have a Safeway Gas station where I live, but to be honest, the lines and slow pumps drive me nuts! But the savings outweigh that so I fill up there regularly, so much that I don’t really get the $1.00 off per gallon every time I have to fill my car. I have to confess, if the line is too long, and my time too short, I already head over to the Chevron station across the street. So I was happy to hear that I can now use my Safeway Rewards Points for up to $0.20 off a gallon at Chevron. GREAT!

safeway2All I had to do was put my phone number in at the pump, just like I do at Safeway, and I was good to go. My Safeway Rewards Points brought the price down and I had a faster in and out time than I would have had otherwise. But what I think is great about this program is that when we are out of town and there is no Safeway Gas station to be found, I can always find a Chevron and use my Safeway Gas Rewards there! Definitely handy when we are out camping or travel to swim meets and need to refuel before coming home.Snip20130510_2

The other thing I love about Chevron is their Chevron Cars! We have collected them from when my son was 2 (we used them as potty training incentives- no accidents over time earned a car). safewaychevronMoe Muscle has now joined our family of Chevron Cars that every child that comes into our house plays with! These cars have stood the test of time (10 years) and I keep them out because everyone still loves them!

About Julie: I’m a 41 year old (and yes that seems old) SAHM, independent demonstrator with Uppercase Living, a self-taught artist/crafter (whichever term you want to put with what I create), and former social worker. My life revolves around myself, husband, son (12), daughter (9), and twin daughters (7). That makes 6 to keep up with! We have an active family who loves the outdoors, scouting, swimming, and volunteering. You can find me at for uplifting and inspiring words for your life.I was provided a gift card to try out using my Safeway Rewards Points at Chevron, but my opinions and experiences are all my own.

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  1. Brutus Duffy says

    Our Safeway is rather far away for us to drive all the way there for gas, but if we won this, we would certainly drive there for groceries.

  2. Louis says

    we don’t collect chevron cars
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  3. Denise says

    My nephew loved these Chevron cards when he was a kid. He’s 15 now. I don’t remember any of the names of his cars!

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