Holiday Travel Tips #Lifelock

205263_448655395156094_888063335_nLuckily 90% of our family is within a 25 mile radius and traveling at Christmas time is short and sweet, but when my sister in law used to live in Arizona, we did take our turn packing up and heading on the road.  But, whether you are nearby or traveling across the miles, or just heading out for the day to shop, the holidays are prime time for theft and you need to be prepared to keep yourself and your property safe!

This month’s Lifelock for Life Sweepstakes is running through December 30th and there’s a chance at a $4500 travel voucher for playing the game and getting some great holiday travel safety tips like these from Lifelock:

~~Should you need to close your eyes and rest while waiting at an airport or train station,  the safest place to put your backpack or purse is beneath your head like a pillow!  This way if you nod off, you will definitely feel a tug if someone is getting too close!

~~When away for the holidays,  keep a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor!  Never keep it near the front door (above it or under a mat) it’s just too risky.

~~Ask those same trusted neighbors or friends and family to collect your mail, newspapers, or deliveries.  Anything left about will inform a thief that you aren’t home!

~~In the winter, make arrangements to have someone shovel walkways if it snows. At a minimum, have a neighbor walk from the street to your door several times.

~~You should leave your car in your driveway while away on vacation (if you are not traveling in it).  If you’re taking your only car, have your neighbor park in front of your house or in the driveway to have it appear someone is home.

~~Set your outdoor or holiday lights on a timer while you are away.  A dark house at night alerts thieves you are gone.

~~Keep the majority of your funds in traveler’s checks and hidden; carry some in your wallet or handbag.  Separate cash and cards between yourself and your spouse or traveling partner.   Use a money clip. If you are robbed, you may lose the money in the clip but will retain important credit cards and documents.

~~In any crowded situation, be aware of any crowding or jostling, even if it appears innocent. This is often a ploy by pickpockets to distract you.

~~A family dog can be a deterrent to criminals. But remember, even the best watch-dog can be controlled by food or poison. Do not install separate “doggy doors” or entrances. They also can admit small intruders.

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