Lanai, Hawaii Western Adventures: UTV Ride Review

Our last excursion before we left Lanai for Molokai was our UTV Ride with Lanai Western Adventures.  Knowing we were working with the same company as our Horseback Ride, we were definitely in good hands.  I googled UTV’s before our trip and came up with photos of mules I’ve seen people riding on tv.  I had originally envisioned four-wheelers, me in a helmet along side the driver, just hoping I wouldn’t flip.  It was not like that at all, our UTV’s were more like a rough version of a golf-cart, and no helmets necessary!

My husband who had fallen sick the night before was a trooper and joined me on this adventure.  I was willing to cancel or come on my own, but he really didn’t want to miss out.  The morning was cool after a bit of early rain, so we had sweatshirts and a jacket just in case.  I was surprised to learn that I would be commandeering our own UTV, following a guide, not riding with one.  My inner race-car driver came out and I was immediately stoked!

The top speed doesn’t exceed about 30 miles an hour, but as soon as our guide handed over the racing goggles (I call them “racing” to feel cool, they’re just regular keep-the-dirt-mud-out-of-your-face goggles) I turned into the female version of Mario Andretti.  I hopped into the driver’s seat and got the quick run-down of maneuvering the UTV.Having explored most of the island already via SUV and on horseback, we were entering familiar terrain that did make the UTV rock and roll, turn on slight angles, and get our hearts racing a bit!  I’d be completely exaggerating by saying we raced, we kept around a 20-25 mile an hour ride only to speed up when I was taking in the scenery and needed to catch up.  It was a great, casual drive but behind that wheel with the wind in your face I tell ya, you feel some power!

Driving along the scenic Munro Trail, we spotted a deer grazing on the hillside, we had seen tracks all about the island, but only spotted the wild turkeys.  The fresh air, the company, the scenery all magnificent throughout the ride.  Occasionally the guide would stop and give us explanations of what we were seeing or a bit of history pertaining to the area.

A fun experience, something I’d love doing again on another island or locale that offers this type of unique tour.  I’m so eager to get behind the wheel again, even if it is just a four-wheeled sporty golf-cart or UTV, the need for speed is exciting!  Even though those goggles were completely optional to wear, I’ll have you know I had red-dirt covering my nose and cheeks when the ride was over.  I didn’t feel too much hitting me, but you’d be surprised how dusty you can get.  Not to mention I wear glasses and the goggles protected my lenses in case dirt or rocks were kicked up and flown at me.

Learn more about UTV rides on Lanai and Hawaii Western Adventures,

My ride was hosted by the Lanai Visitor’s Bureau, my husband’s ride and our gratuity was on our own, all opinions are own.

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