Four Seasons Lanai: Custom Demi-Blending Perfume Experience

What’s your signature scent?  Is there a perfume that you use daily that you love and believe it was made especially for you?  How about having an experience of a lifetime and actually creating your own scent, mixed and blended professionally before your eyes?  The Four Seasons in Lanai can make that very dream come true!

One of the signature spa treatments at The Spa at the Four Seasons resorts in Lanai is the Custom Demi-Blending Perfume experience.  You can create your own custom scent with Ajne Rare and Precious, with over 200 scents that are sophisticated, intoxicating and indigenous to Hawaii, the fragrance blends will meld with your body’s chemistry. This treatment includes a scent analysis and prêt-à-porter fragrance consultation performed by the Spa’s mélangeur, an aromatherapy and blending expert. The fragrances are 100 percent natural and are designed to interact with your body chemistry and also have a holistic component, which are known to have a healing and balancing effect on the mind and the human body.In my mind I have scents that I love.  One of my favorites is plumeria and star jasmine.  Both of those flowers were in my bridal bouquet nearly 16 years ago and each time I spot a flower I need to run up and take in the scent.  As far as scents that I don’t care to have lingering on my body all day, those that are spicy such as a cinnamon scent.  Sure they are fabulous in the kitchen, baking and cooking, but on my body, I don’t care for them.  Also, the spicy scents do remind me of something a male would wear, I enjoy it on a man, but don’t want that particular scent on me.Katie, the mélangeur,was sweet, beautiful and attentive while asking me about my favorite scents. We discussed floral, spicy, citrus, woody scents and how they made me feel, or what they made me think of.  I related spicy and citrus and vanilla scents to mainly foods that I’d prefer eating than wearing.  Woody and spicy scents remind me of men’s cologne and deodorants, I was determined to love a floral scent! We also discussed my state of mind, do I deal with stress and anxiety, all questions sought out to find my Chakra, my balance.  Placing the oils and scents on strips for my testing, I would stop and cleanse my nose with a bowl of coffee beans ever so often so I can appreciate each and every scent.

Ranking the scents, I was shocked to find that I was not enjoying the floral scents individually, they were almost too strong and shot right to my head.  I was moving more toward the earthy scents that I believed were more masculine. I focused on finding a scent that like many, have a link to a memory, a feeling, a thought, a personality, I wanted this scent to say “made in Lanai, for Jen!” Katie happily blended and the science behind it all was fascinating to hear about and watch.My final recipe that Katie blended for me was a blend that was both for my body, my mind, my senses, and frankly for my sensuality:

Ambrette Seed– Aphrodisiac , mild adrenal stimulant
Myrrh– One of the oldest oils used in perfumes- Antiviral,moderates the thyroid.
Vanilla– Aphrodisiac
Juniper– Slimming, detoxifying
Pink Grapefruit– Uplifting, energizing,
Litsea– Calming/ Anti-inflammatory

If I describe the scent on my body I think of musk, I think of an old box of powder that my grandmother owned.  Though, I also think of a sensual romantic feeling I get when I can a whiff of my signature scent.  It grows and changes over the day to be soft and subtle, but so very complementary to my senses and to those around me.  I never wanted to stand out and say, “can you smell what I’m wearing?” that has never been my style, so I love that The Mom Jen perfume is definitely present, but not showy, like my personality.

I love seeing that beautiful vial on my bathroom counter.  It reminds me of the special experience, the island of Lanai, our lovely trip, and that it is something I created. An experience of a lifetime, I would recommend this to every woman (and man), and as a special treat for a bridal party, or a mom/daughter experience.

Thanks to the Lanai Visitors Bureau and the Four Seasons Manele Bay for the wonderful opportunity.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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