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We recently had a chance to review Melissa and Doug‘s Art Easel and my kids have loved it.  It’s been a great toy for playdates and parties too with the chalkboard on one side and the white board on the other.  The easel is also great for taking outdoors in this grand Spring weather that has finally hit and allowing kids to paint.  A perfect accompaniment is the Easel Companion Supply Set that Gummy Lump offers for a reasonable price of $27.99 which includes everything you need to get your artistic side flowing.

Included in the set: 
-an easel paper roll (18×75)
-4 posters paints in red; green; blue and yellow
-4 durable paint brushes
-4 paint cups with covers
-Dry-erase marker
-Chalk eraser
-Set of 10 rainbow chalks. 

The roll fits nicely into the easel with just a quick twist of the screws and comes up and over for painting.  The easel’s clips hold the paper in place, while the tray holds the four paint cups.  Smartly made the top for the paint cup is sloped so that the excess flows down back into the cup when the kids dab the brush.  It’s important to place the covers on when you’re done painting to conserve what hasn’t been used and to avoid drying the paint out (especially if you keep the easel outside).  

The paint brushes, marker, and chalk are all substantial (chunky) for small hands and definitely age-appropriate for range 3+.  The paints are perfect and a great teaching tool on the color wheel, when you mix red+blue=purple, yellow+blue=green, and red+yellow=orange.  The colored chalk is fun and we’ve used the chalk eraser for the white board as well (pound some of the chalk dust off first!)

Having taught Kindergarten and first grade, I’ve always been big on early literacy with my kids and a great way to incorporate words, spelling, and reading is the Alphabet Stamp Set. These educational toys come with a complete set of upper and lower case letters and a 4-color stamp pad.  I remember in my classroom 12 years ago we had a similar school set that we’d use in centers where kids could practice their names and other words they knew, and the more advanced kids would write sentences.

It’s nice to have a wet paper towel on hand to clean the stamps so the pad colors don’t mix.  Don’t worry though, the ink is easily washable if your child gets it on skin or other than the paper they are using. The blocks are perfect for small hands and fine motor skills and the wooden storage box is nice and sturdy for storage.  The set retails for $15.99 and is a great investment for your preschoolers and early elementary school kids!

I was sent products for honest review.

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